VEO Tags for language teaching and learning!

We are delighted to announce that tags for language teaching and learning are now available on the VEO app. Thanks to the flexibility of the VEO app, researchers and teachers can adapt tags to different contexts. The specific tags for language instruction have been designed by researchers in the VEO Europa project considering relevant aspects of language teaching and learning that can support teachers in their practices. The tags will be piloted by language teachers in our workshops now in  preparation for data collection in September.  Stay tuned!

Newcastle University partners attend British Council Event

On 16 March, Professor Paul Seedhouse and Dr Sandra Morales from VEO Europa, accompanied by Professor Steve Walsh from ECLS attended a networking event organised by the British Council in Leeds. VEO demonstrations were performed and the audience, consisted of language teachers, researchers and teacher trainers, responded highly positive to the app. Their constructive comments reinforce the aims of the VEO Europa project and support the benefits of VEO as a tool for teacher development! Many thanks to the British Council for a fantastic day!BCfinal