Future Plans

The official end of the project is not really the end at all! As part of our commitment to VEO Europa and video enhanced observation, we have exciting plans for the future. In Erasmus+ terminology, this is all part of our project exploitation, so that the project results are used beyond the lifetime of the project.

  • All the partners are committed to showcasing their VEO Europa work and the VEO app in their work in schools and universities. We will continue to update the website with these events, conferences and publications.
  • VEO will be used in future projects. Further details as they are confirmed.
  • Our book based on the VEO Europa project is in the planning stage and we will be provide further information as things develop.
  • VEO Group, as a spin-off company, will continue with its marketing plans so that even more institutions and professions benefit from video enhanced observation.