VEO Europa Partnership Meeting

Our partners from the UK, Bulgaria, Finland and Turkey met for a transnational meeting hosted by our German partners in the Karlsruhe University of Education on the 16th and 17th February. With a packed agenda, it was a busy and productive two days.

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Partner Skype Meeting


Another productive meeting with our VEO Europa partners. The UK partners had coffee for their ‘breakfast’ meeting, but it was almost lunch time in Ankara!

Topics from today’s meeting ranged from project updates to forward planning agenda items for our next face-to-face meeting in Karlsruhe to discussing dissemination activities and conferences. A busy meeting!

Custom Tag Sets

Part of the flexibility of the VEO app that we use in the VEO Europa project is the ability to create custom tag sets so that video-enhanced observation is customised to the objectives of the participants. As well as the standard education tag set, the language learning tag set and other tag sets provided in the app, participants can create their own tag sets to support their work with students e.g. creating exam board assessment criteria for practical projects.